Asked and answered

Why did I start blogging?

Blogging has the potential to open so many doors. Some might come as a surprise, while others need no explanation. Being able to inspire and help my fellow coding community through writing is a satisfying feeling. It makes you want to do it all the more. When people respond to you in positive ways, you generate a portion of influence over them.

The more you write about a subject, the more confident you become about it. For me, blogging was an effective way to break out of my shell. As an anxious introvert, I found it hard to put myself out there and allow my thoughts and ideas to be heard. Blogging gave me a platform to shout from – a way to confront my fear of being noticed.

What’s the difference between blogs and documentation?

A blog is a series of posts, that share various ideas, thoughts, or opinions about topics. Bloggers can freely write about topics they feel passionate about.

Unlike blog posts, documents have a bit more functionality. Documents have versioning which is why they work well as information or resource files. Anyone following the document will be able to understand about a functionality and set it up.

Are all the blogs technical?

Yes. The purpose of this site is to reflect my coding journey and connect with relevant audience.

What if the documentation on the site is deprecated?

I am sorry you couldn’t find the information you are looking for.

All documentations have a link to the official documentation. It’s best if you look it up to work further.